If you are considering buying a property in one of Florida’s most exclusive golf and beach communities, contacting a Pelican Bay Naples Real Estate Agent would be a good idea. The Pelican Bay community is located in North Naples, and it’s one of the few neighborhoods to offer beach-side dining in the owners’ amenity package. A real estate agent can help you to select the right property for your lifestyle. Note that the majority of properties within the neighborhood are Naples condos in Pelican Bay. Villas in the area are scarce.

Pelican Bay High Rise History

The first high rises in Pelican Bay were erected in the 1980s and included Dorchester (1981), Grosvenor (1983), Heron (1983), Stratford (1984), Chateaumere Royale (1986), St. Tropez (1988), and St. Maarten (1988). Moving on to high rises completed in the 1990s and we have St. Lucia (1990), St. Pierre (1994), Brighton (1994), Biltmore (1997), St. Laurent (1997), Contessa (1991), St. Nicole (1991), Carlysle (1992), St. Kitts (1992), Marquesa (1994), Remington (1996), Windsor (1998), and Marbella (1999). Four new luxury high-rise condominiums have been completed since the start of the millennium: Salerno (2000), St. Raphael (2000), Cap Ferrat (2002) and Trieste (2002). Work on Mystique began in 2017, and this last Pelican Bay high-rise condominium is expected to complete by the end of the year.

There are lots of benefits associated with high-rise living in Pelican Bay. The main advantage, however, is that you get to experience amazing views of the mangrove forests and Mexican Gulf every day. A further advantage is that you enjoy enhanced security as well as other amazing amenities. Most buildings in the neighborhood have 24-hour on-site security, meaning you don’t have to worry about your safety or the security of your belongings. You could contact a reliable realtor or read about Shannon Lefevre realtor to help you in your property endeavors.

One of the great things about contacting a Pelican Bay Naples Real Estate Agent is that they can tell you more about the leasing policy of each available property. If you plan to buy an apartment in the area as an investment rather than as a permanent home, you need to know how easy it will be to let out your property. Many buildings have strict leasing policies, and it pays to be aware of them in advance. Before you buy an apartment in Pelican Bay, it’s essential to view the property in person. An experienced realtor can schedule private viewings at a convenient time.

The price of real estate in Pelican Bay varies greatly, but the median sale price for homes in the neighborhood is $1,250,000. The median monthly rent is $7,500. It is undoubtedly one of the more expensive areas in Naples. For many residents, however, access the 3 miles of private beaches is worth the increased price. The beaches are stunning and are maintained throughout the year. Access is limited, and there are only two entry points. It’s possible to access the beaches via a boardwalk stroll through the mangroves or via the community electric tram system. There are tram stations near all the major apartment complexes in the neighborhood.